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Jumat, 25 November 2011

a record for the fifth man who always clung

I might be a crazy as friend, but i have to ears that would hear your problems, i won't always know what you say, but i'll try to help out with the best. I'll give you support and a shoulder to cry on. I'll give you a hug to help you calm down. I'll probably make you laugh until you pee in your pants. Dont matter what happens.
A good friend always have. 
to be a good friends :
Choiron, - Bojes, - Fajar, - Annas, - Riski

  • share
  • listen
  • compromise
  • show appreciation
  • make people feel needed
  • encourage others to do well

            And do you know? this story for today, tomorrow, until later. keep in mind, and trust to a story in the past, because we will always try to hold, to strengthen grip.
''with friends, we can be very happy''

2 komentar:

  1. nice story sob..
    friendship can make spirit for all people..

    i will read your next post


  2. nangis abis baca postingan ini
    masalahnya aku gak tau artinya apaan T___T